13-year-old boy with his own hands built a home. Photo

"13-летнийThe little house which has everything you need.

The eighth-grader Luke alone till he built a house.

The eighth-grader Luke till of Dubuque (Iowa, USA) decided that it was time for him to live separately from their parents, and built in the backyard of this house. However, the area of the home is compiled of only 8 square meters, but has everything you need, from electricians and ending with a mini-kitchen.


The teenager planned to build their own house.

Parents supported the wish of 13-year-old son to build a real house. Dad just helped him a little bit at the initial stage of construction, the rest Luke himself. Furthermore, the boy did not ask for money to build in the parents, and earned them yourself.


He held the train in the house.

“I mowed lawns, cleaned garages in the neighborhood and so has amassed a $ 1,500”, – shares his wholesale teen. Basically, everything in the house is new but the door and window frames Luke took my grandmother. They stayed at her old house.


In the house the boy is living room, kitchen and attic. The only downside – no bathroom. To take a bath Luke goes to the parental home.


Interior in a small house.


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