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On the planet wealthy customers. Some of them engaged in charity, and someone thinks that it is better to spend a tidy sum on a trinket than to help the starving in third countries. The survey collected 11 of the most expensive in the world of gadgets that are very popular among rich people.

1. A box of chocolates


A box of chocolates Le Chocolat includes a selection of chocolate masterpieces from the world’s best confectioners. Also comes with set of luxury jewelry made of natural yellow and blue diamonds, emeralds and sapphires from Simons Jewelers company. Is this a half million dollars.

2. Mobile phone


Smartphone Diamond Crypto from designer Peter Aloisson made of platinum and pink gold. It is covered with more than 80 diamonds (including 10 blue diamonds). The navigation button is surrounded by 28 diamonds, and is carved from a large diamond. This phone is worth 1.3 million dollars

3. Hello Kitty


Now rich people can treat their children platinum kitten with a width of 3.8 cm and a height of 5.6 cm, which weighs in at 590 g. the Little Hello Kitty figure decorated with precious stones – diamonds, rubies, pink sapphires, amethysts and blue Topaz. For this beauty you will have to pay $ 163 000. The only copy was sold in December 2006 at the Mall and the Mitsukoshi in Tokyo.

4. Pizza


The most expensive pizza in the world was sold in the pizzeria Nino’s Bellissima Pizza in new York. The filling consisted of creamy Dory fish, chives, four different kinds of caviar, sliced lobster tail, Atlantic salmon caviar and a small amount of wasabi. Pizza was enough for 8 people. It cost “only” about 125 dollars a piece.

5. Bags


14 Jun 2007 designer Ginza Tanaka presented this brilliant platinum bag at a fashion show in Tokyo. The purse was made of solid platinum and decorated 2 182 diamonds weighing 208 carats. The price of the handbags was $ 1 630 000.

6. Tequila


Who would imagine that you can spend 225,000 dollars on alcohol. July 20, 2006, the company Tequila Ley.925 sold a bottle of tequila from platinum and white gold to a private collector from Mexico at the price of 225,000 dollars. This drink was made from 100% blue iavoloha juice and is aged 6 years.

The company entered the Guinness Book of world records by release the most expensive bottle of alcohol in the world. If someone can’t afford the platinum bottle, perhaps he can find enough funds to Gold and Platinum bottle for $ 150,000 or, at least, silver and gold tequila for $ 25,000.

7. A cricket ball


Similar cricket balls, decorated with diamonds, was designed to reward the best players at the cricket world Cup in 2007. Each ball was decorated 5728 diamonds, cost about 68 $ 500.

8. TV


Yes, instead of having to get a new house, car and feed a couple hundred hungry people, you can buy this LCD TV. Yalos Diamond will cost 130 000 dollars, because it is covered with white gold and decorated with diamonds of 20 carats. What else is needed for happiness.

9. The tea bag


PG Tips is a British tea manufacturing company. Jewelry company Boodles took this diamond tea bag in honor of the 75th anniversary of PG Tips. It was made by hand and decorated with 280 diamonds, which explains its price of $ 14,000.



Japanese jewelry company Ginza Tanaka and toy maker Bandai Co. introduced the world to this tiny version of the beloved Japanese robot Gandam. Gundam is the main protagonist of the longest and popular cartoon anime series in Japan. Figure 1 400 g and a height of 13 cm is made of pure platinum and 41 worth $ 468.

11. Parking


Such may indeed be needed for those who live in Manhattan. Although it is better to buy a Ferrari for $ 225,000 and go to another place. ABC.com reports that the crowded Parking lots of Manhattan real estate are considered the best.

Some people buy a Parking space, even if they have no car, as a profitable investment. Over a quarter of a million dollars, you can get an empty site paved land size of 5 x 2.5 meters.

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