The doctors called dangerous food, which exacerbates asthma

"ВрачиThe usual sausage can provoke asthma.

Processed meat can intensify symptoms of asthma, according to a study published in the journal Thorax.

In salami, sausages or ham contains nitrite, a preservative that can be harmful to respiratory tract. Eating more than four servings of processed meat per week, according to scientists, exacerbates asthma symptoms: heavy breathing, tightness in the chest and suffocation.

One portion scientists believed two slices of ham or salami or a sausage. In a week, so you can have four or eight pieces of sausage, salami. However, other experts point out that the relationship is not proven and needs further study. Experts advise to stick to a healthy diet as a whole and not to refrain from any harmful product.

The study involved one thousand of the French. Scientists watched their life for ten years – from 2003 to 2013. About half of them suffered from asthma. Study participants who ate more portions of the established scientists, to the end of the study period suffered from a greater number of complications associated with asthma.

Earlier, the world health organization has ranked the redesigned red meat to carcinogens. According to the who, hot dogs, sausage and bacon cause colon cancer. The risk of developing this cancer increases by 18% in case of consumption of 50 grams of such meat is a little less than two slices of bacon. According to the who, a carcinogen, perhaps, is all red meat. But until it is proven.

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